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A lover of architecture, nature, and the sea, Teri divides her time between a home in southwest Michigan and her coastal home in the South Shore district community of Chester, Nova Scotia.  These locations and her slightly “quirky” sense of humour are the primary sources of inspiration for her work, both in the abstract and semi-realistic realms.

Teri’s work frequently begins with a photograph and evolves intuitively from there.  She is an “Outsider” artist, having very little formal training in art since high school.  She works with a palette of lively colours and/or luscious textures to draw the viewer into her world of sights, sounds, feelings and cockeyed humour.

Teri works with an eclectic collection of commercially produced fabrics as well as hand-dyes, many types of threads, yarns, beads, and found objects as well as the occasional altered photograph.  Whatever it takes to portray the image and emotion in her spirit.

Teri has been, with the encouragement of her parents and close friends, making art her entire life.  She discovered a love of quilting in the early 1980’s.  Traditional work was the platform that led to a blind leap into the world of art quilting.  By the late 1980’s she had discovered that fabric and thread could be used to “paint” images.  In the last 5 years Teri has moved to a more abstract approach in her art but a love of photography has led her to occasionally render her subjects in a more realistic manner.  In addition her sense of humour sometimes spills over into her work, directing her to depict scenes and/or phrases that “tickle her funny bone” in fabric.

Teri’s work has been shown on the North American continent as well as internationally and is in the collections of people from corporate heads to fellow artists.

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