Teri was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan but has made her home in places throughout the upper Great Lakes region, Hawai’i, and Canada.  She is the divorced mother of two sons and “fur mom” to one “dork dog”, a rescued German Shepherd.

Teri’s mother was a talented artist and both of her parents encouraged her participation in any and all art forms including painting (except when it was on the dining room wall), drawing and ceramics. 

She started quilting in 1981 following the death of her first husband.  She later remarried and continued quilting while raising her sons, helping her husband on a farm that included 60+ milk cows, attending nursing school, and later working full time.  At the same time she developed a love of photography, a skill she continues to hone today.



Artist Statement:   
Over the years I have worked to find my “artistic voice.”  I have studied with great art quilters and artists in other mediums throughout this journey and have finally concluded that my work, like my life, is meant to be eclectic and, well, somewhat ADD.  While I love working in the abstract as I find it very freeing, making images taken from both nature and man sometimes requires a more realistic approach to convey.  Thus, my work continues to evolve and maintain a multi-faceted personality that I use willingly and enthusiastically; whatever it takes, both in image and use of materials to get my thoughts and feelings across.

Selected Exhibits and Publications:
UNESCO International Art Show; UNESCO Palace, Beruit Lebanon, 2004
Quilts in the Garden; Manchester England, Special Exhibit: “Water,” 2007
Quilting Arts Magazine, “Postcards with an Edge,” Summer 2004
The Journal of the Embroiderer’s Guild in the UK; 2004

AQS- American Quilter’s Society
APA- Association of Professional Artists
Mahone Bay Quilters Guild, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
NAPP- National Association of Professional Photoshop Users
NSDCC- Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council
SAQA- Studio Art Quilt Associates; Professional Member and currently co-representative for Atlantic Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland-Labrador and Prince Edward Island)
SDA- Surface Design Association
VANS- Visual Arts Nova Scotia