Florida For the Holidays

Celebrated Yule/Solstice last night and I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my family but I wish my own kids were here.  The weather here has been cool and mostly cloudy but it’s supposed to go up to 75 today.

I thought I had the card reader for my little Panasonic camera in my travel camera case but no such luck.  Which means it is in my little camera case back in Michigan.  So, what the heck, I’ll go get another one.  Why not?  I have 2 iPods (one just up and died for no apparent reason), and 2 Kindles (lost one- or thought I had- it was in the camera case which I hadn’t opened since going back to Michigan from Nova Scotia) so one Kindle will be a Christmas gift.

Any way, I will post some studio shots once I get the card reader…..

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