Some Photos

Finally got a new card reader last night so here are some pictures (finally).

The scarf I have been working on for WEEKS!ly).

My Roommate

Isn't he Cute?

Stopping by for Lunch

Standing in the doorw



Huge window

New Studio



Looking at the design wall


Another shot of the design wall

So, I am sitting on the lanai, enjoying the sun. It’s the warmest it’s been since I got here but it sure is windy!!! My sister, our friend Maureen and the kids are all going to go to the Ocean Club and I am heading back over next door (Kathryn and I are staying at a neighbor’s condo) to wrap Christmas gifts.

More photos later!

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2 Responses to “Some Photos”

  1. Karoda says:

    Wow Teri! your space, THOSE WINDOWS! Is it in NS or MI? Its been ages since I’ve visited your blog but I’ll return to see how your space shapes up…Congrats and have a great 2010!

  2. teri says:

    This space is in Kalamazoo, MI. The space isn’t much larger than my studio in Nova Scotia and I can’t do any dyeing like I can in Nova Scotia, but I have the wonderful gallery space and I am surrounded by other artists so it makes it nice. I am hoping to have 2 or three pieces hung for the Art Hop in February.

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