Charity Chair, Continued (“I Need my Head Examined”)

Ok, so where was I? Oh yeah….remind me to NOT volunteer again! The annual piece for the Cheff Center Shindig ¬†is stressful enough and I have already started planning this year’s (it’s due the first Friday of Sept.).

I have made a LOT of progress. Not only on the chair itself but I succeeded in getting the photo shoot (which was originally supposed to be March 2nd) scheduled for the 25th instead of the 22nd. Hey, three days are three days! Unlike the other artists who are painting their chairs and then sealing, I have to put on fabric or ribbon and seal, then seal again then do next layer, seal again….all that sealing requires waiting for the sealer to dry. Today I spent a great deal of my time between coats sewing. Got the seat pad done. I had purchased a foam pad but it was too thick. Plan B- layer of thin batting and the water fabric, quilted with YLI “Brilliance” in white. The thread is a metallic, sort of. It is iridescent and, so cool, it GLOWS in the dark!! I haven’t been able to check that out yet as there is no place in the studio dark enough during daylight. The one layer of batting was a little too thin so I added a second then sandwiched the water fabric with the “dirt” fabric (one of the wonderful fabrics from the Stonehenge Collection) and finished the pad using Melody Johnson’s escape hatch finish .

I have quite a “to do” list for tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it all done by 4 so I don’t have to go in on Saturday. Lots of glueing and a little sewing.

Ok, here I will share more photos of the chair….

"Dirt" fabric in place on seat with first layer of Mod Podge

I had to get creative with positioning to seal the sides and bottom of seat. Trash can worked well.

“Pool” in place on seat of chair

Wider view of the chair with the "pool" where it will be affixed. Still need to get the waterfall in place.

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  1. Gerrie says:

    Looking good. I am glad you are sharing the process.

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