Finally! A REAL Studio/Gallery!!

December 8th, 2009

Ok.  I went to the Park Trades Center yesterday with a load of stuff.  I REALLY could have used some help as some of the boxes were pretty heavy and I had to hoist them from the back of the Highlander to the loading dock and then onto a cart.  I was able to manage the three boxes with the metal shelves but I just could NOT get the box with my new sewing chair up onto the dock.  It is still in the car.  Ah!  But bribery, er, bartering works well.  My eldest called while I was moving and he needed me to go pay his car insurance (for some reason he never received a bill).  I agreed on the condition that he come over today and help me move more stuff.

Anyway, I forgot my camera (duh) so I took photos with my cell phone.¬† Last Friday was the Art Hop and an artist from upstairs used the studio for her work.¬† It was still hanging and, frankly, it looked a lot better than bare walls.¬† When I came back with my first load she was in the process of going into the studio to start taking her stuff down.¬† We chatted a bit and I told her to take her time getting it down because I was enjoying looking at it.¬† I then offered to let her keep it there until after the January Art Hop.¬† She was thrilled (and so was I); so, it will be there until at least the first of the year.¬† There were also 2 church pews that belong to the lady who has the stained glass studio there because she doesn’t have room in her studio for them and they have been stored in the studio since the last renter moved out (about 2 years ago).¬† I told Lesa (who pretty much runs the place) that Anne was welcome to keep them there until she needed them (hey, gives visitors a place to sit!)¬† Besides, I am making some pillows from vintage fabric and they will look nice on the pews.

I got my stuff unloaded and I hope Jamie has time today to put my shelves and chair together.¬† I have to be back home by 1:30 to take delivery of the two chairs for my new TV room (aka- studio in the house).¬† Ironically, that is what the room was used for when my BFF’s mom was still alive.¬† That will help free up space in my bedroom¬† Making progress!!

View from My Huge Window

View from My Huge Window


December 6th, 2009

Yes, I am moving.¬† No, not my home but my studio.¬† After working in my wonderful, 800+ sq ft studio in Chester I have not been able to accomplish a darned thing in my 110 sq ft studio in Michigan.¬† I decided enough was enough.¬† There is plenty of rentable space available so I went studio shopping.¬† I decided that, as long as I was going to look for more space I might as well find a spot that gave me more exposure too.¬† And I found it.¬† 986 sq ft on the 2nd floor of the Park Trades Center in downtown Kalamazoo.¬† The building is primarily occupied by artists and craftspeople so I will be right at home!¬† It’s within easy walking distance of places to eat, work out and be inspired.¬† AND, it’s the #1 stop on the monthly Art Hop!!!¬† I am SO excited!

I move in on Wednesday.¬† Well, the moving guys are coming Wednesday to get the “big” stuff- Epson 7880 printer, desk, chairs, tables, Koala cabinet…..I can start moving the smaller stuff tomorrow….So, I am packing thread, fabric, misc. “stuff.”

And more good news- I can take Kaiser with me!!!

I will post photos of the building and my space, hopefully tomorrow night….



October 7th, 2009

En route from Nova Scotia to MI. Tonight staying in the Katahdin Valley in Maine. Thankfully the motel has free WiFi so I can listen to the Penguins game on Sirius radio on line. Unfortunately, I am so darned tired I am going to be lucky to make it to the end of the 2nd period (I’m still on Atlantic time).

I probably won’t be posting a great deal in the next week. Besides making this 3 day drive, I have to finish my entry for SAQA’s “Art Meets Science” by the 15 Oct. deadline. I’ve got it better than 1/2 done but what’s left could be tricky. I think it’s a pretty cool piece but it won’t mean much if it isn’t done and photographed by the 15th.

Ok, off to sleepy land so I can get back on the road at the crack of dawn….

Lovely Morning

September 22nd, 2009

I generally spend my mornings the same way: up with the dog, teeth brushed, face washed, dressed and out the door for a walk. Back home, grab newspaper out of driveway (or out from under car), go in, make coffee, sit on deck reading paper while coffee brews. Get a cuppa, finish paper. Read email. Go to work.

This morning things were progressing normally. I was on my 2nd or 3rd cuppa, reading “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” as the paper was a bit thin on news. It was sunny and cool but comfortable enough in the sun to take the sweatshirt off. I happened to glance up towards the south and the ferry dock and, in the distance I see that the closer in islands of Mahone Bay are rapidly disappearing into a fog bank. The fog continues to drift northward, towards the head of the Front Harbour where I am located. Soon, not only are the islands invisible but I can barely make out houses almost right across from me (the harbour is quite narrow at the head- maybe 40 ft. across. I love the hush that descends with the arrival of the fog. The sound of early morning whipper-snippers and lawnmowers has disappeared. All I can hear are the muffled hammer blows from the house construction behind me, the occasional car, and fog horn as the ferry from Big and Little Tancook islands moves into dock here in Chester. The warm air turns chill and I put the sweatshirt back on. Then, just as quietly as it arrived, the fog burns off and the sun is shining and the nearly cloudless sky is bright blue again.

I love Nova Scotia!

Pretty Much All Clear

August 23rd, 2009

The tide has gone out and the storm surge is over. The wind has shifted to N-NW from S-SE and the rain has let up. There are small patches of blue in the sky and the sun is trying to come out. Our area was very lucky. Other areas of Nova Scotia got hit a lot harder. But, we are well protected by Mahone Bay. The road to Laurie Swim’s in Blue Rocks is closed as is the road to Peggy’s Cove (333) from the SwisseAir Crash Memorial to the lighthouse. Many other roads are closed as well due to erosion and debris being tossed onto the road.

Louisburg on Cape Breton is getting blasted right now. The snow crab fishermen have had to go in to shore and are staying on their boats in case they need to move. Of course, it’s the height of the season off Cape Breton.

I will post the rest of my photos later tonight.

teri- safe and dry

Here We Go

August 23rd, 2009

Well, it’s started. I got up at 4am and it was barely blowing and not yet raining so I went back to bed. At 6:30 am (ADT) it had been raining lightly. By 8am the rain and wind started and it hasn’t let up (it’s not yet 10). High tide isn’t for another hour but already the storm surge is bringing the water up higher than the normal high tide for this time of year (when we get our highest). So, it will be interesting to see where the water level is in an hour. The radio report said Halifax can expect the worst of the storm between 2 and 3pm which means we will get it between 1 and 2. Thankfully that is after high tide.

Anyway, here are some photos from yesterday and today:

Across the harbour yesterday- neighbour's boat high and dry. This low tide is WELL below normal.

Same boat, well lashed at 3 spots.

Tide wasn't even at it's lowest at this point. My wharf had a metre of mud past the end of it.

VERY low tide!

The sky to the NW yesterday.

To the north today. This tree is well protected but it's blowing pretty good.

Normal high tide on my wharf.

Storm surge tide level about an hour before high tide.

Latest Update

August 22nd, 2009

Latest word from



Southwestern counties- that includes Lunenburg County…..we are the first county west of Halifax.

Still hard to fathom as it is positively beautiful out. One of the nicest most comfortable days so far this summer……Glad I am prepared.


All Quiet on the South Shore

August 22nd, 2009

For now, anyway. The sun is actually shining out over Mahone Bay but it’s overcast here in Chester. Very little breeze. It looks like we just hit high tide a little while ago and it was VERY high (highest I’ve ever seen it). Could make for an interesting storm surge if tomorrow morning’s high tide coincides with the worst of the wind and rain. My studio level sits only about 2 metres above sea level at high tide and the weather service is already predicting waves of 2 metres for this afternoon along the coastal beaches (the surfers are positively orgasmic). Since we sit on primarily rock here, the rain run-off is an issue too. Wonder if my wharf will be under water…

I’ve gotten pretty much everything from outside moved in or tied down. Will save moving my one chair, footrest and small table in for when the rain and/or wind starts. I have a lobster pot sitting on the deck too. Even though it is doubtful it will move (it still has the rocks in it used to keep them on the ocean floor) I’m going to have my brother help me drag it into the living room. Now all I can do is hope all of my neighbours have done a good job of battening everything down too.

I wonder how the dog will handle it. He hates to go out in the rain so walking him for potty time could be problematical. And I forgot to bring my rain poncho with me so I have no foul weather gear. Our sailing stuff disappeared last year during race week and we have yet to replace it (that stuff is NOT cheap).

I really should have gotten the generator back in June. Never occurred to me that I really need it for my CPAP. Well, I have lived this many years with sleep apnea and didn’t have the machine so I guess I can manage a few days without it.

Chester is VERY, VERY quiet. I think everyone is just waiting to see what will happen.

I will try to keep posting over the next few days and even putting up some photos but, even if we don’t lose power the cable may go out and then my only connection will be the Blackberry. If the cell towers go out too I will be without a way to contact anyone.

More later…..


What a Weather Forecast

August 21st, 2009

Yes, it’s been a VERY busy summer for me. Charity Golf outing in St-Hyacinthe where I met Max Talbot and his best friend, Bruno Gervais (NY Islanders) and Marc-Andre Fleury. Spending several days out on my sister’s friend’s 73 foot fishing boat; helping host a day at Fabricville for a large group of quilters from the US on a quilting cruise, a SAQA regional meeting, quilting, cleaning, walking, reading, knitting cotton washcloths for a group of docs and nurses from Fisherman’s Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg who are going to Belize next month, etc, etc, etc.

Now I am preparing to spend about 24 hours sitting out a hurricane that may make a direct hit on us. Here is our weather forecast from the

Atlantic Canada
Hurricane Bill’s impact in Atlantic Canada is a guarantee with rain bands expected to start on Saturday. The storm is expected to lose intensity as it moves into cooler waters (not much cooler- waters here are about 22-24 C- my note) but it is very possible Bill could still be a hurricane on Sunday.

The current storm track is suggesting that Nova Scotia, PEI, Cape Breton and eastern Newfoundland will be the hardest hit with New Brunswick, western Newfoundland and Labrador being less affected. Keep in mind, with hurricane force winds extending almost 200 km from the centre of the storm today, all of Atlantic Canada is going to feel the impact of Hurricane Bill when he passes this weekend. Also, this storm track could change right up to Sunday so check regularly to find out how the storm will affect you.

Rainfall amounts from Hurricane Bill will depend on the final storm track but are expected to be between 50 – 100+ mm. Hurricane and tropical storm winds will accompany the rain and could reach up to 140 km/h closer to the centre of the storm with lesser tropical storm winds of up 90 km/h farther away from the storm.

Flooding will be a significant problem in affected areas (esp. since we don’t know how the worst of the storm will match up with the tides but we are in our highest tides of the season right now) in addition to wind damage including power outages. Residents should already be preparing for what could be a weather emergency including an Emergency Kit with food and supplies for at least 72 hours. (hope I can use my grill but I AM cooking up a bunch of chicken and steak in the morning so I can have cold chicken and cut up either to put in a salad. I DO have a big cooler and LOTS of ice).

Yes folks- this could get interesting. I’d still rather deal with a hurricane than a tornado- at least I had plenty of warning to get prepared. I DO wish I had gotten a generator back in June when I originally planned and, since my windows are not the best, I WILL be replacing them in the spring with hurricane-rated ones.


July 5th, 2009

I made it home from Montreal last night; landed about 9:30pm in a very heavy fog. All pilots who fly into Halifax must get special training in fog flying as it is so rarely clear here.

It took me a little while to find where I had parked but I didn’t have to resort to using the panic button on the clicker to find it. I could have found it faster if I hadn’t taken the luggage carrier off the roof!

A quick report on the Omnium Gervais-Talbot (Gervais-Talbot Open Charity Golf Outing in St-Hyacinthe, PQ). I arrived Wednesday afternoon in Montreal and picked up my rental car for the drive to St-Hyacinthe. It’s only a short drive and I got there before 3pm and checked into the hotel.

The next morning Sylvain Gervais (yes, Bruno’s dad) took me to the golf club for breakfast and then a tour of St-Hyacinthe. It’s a beautiful town and I should have take photos but I knew he had a lot to do with the golf outing only 24 hours away so I didn’t. We went to the market place downtown and oh my! the smell of the freshly baked bread made my mouth water even though I had just finished breakfast. This marketplace has been there since the 1800’s and still has the water fountain out front with one side for horses and the other for people. There was fresh fruit and vegetables outside and the bakery, fresh fish, meat, and cheeses, Oh the fromage! Sylvain took me back to the hotel where I did some work but I could not get the cable internet to work. I tried 2 cables with no luck so I figured either the connection in the room was not working or my computer was being stubborn. Saturday I discovered it was the connection because I was able to connect with the cable in the business room.

Anyway, got some work done, took a little snooze, ate dinner and did a lot of reading.

Friday morning I was so excited about the outing that I was up and dressed by 7am. I didn’t want to eat at the hotel as we were having a brunch at the golf club so I did some more paperwork and studied a little of my French language DVDs (not that it did me much good). I got to the club at 9:15am and Sylvain asked me if I had seen the boys at the hotel the night before (“the boys” being Bruno and Max). Shoot, I was sound asleep when they must have arrived. Anyway, I met Sylvain’s beautiful wife, H√©l√®ne (no way does she look old enough to have a son that age), Max’s parents, Serge and Lucie who are SO very nice (at least they look a little closer to my age so I didn’t feel totally like an old lady), and Max’s brothers, Bill and Frank (Francis) as well as assorted Talbot cousins and 2 of Serge’s brothers. They are a wild and crazy bunch (and I mean that in the nicest of ways- so happy to all be together and so energetic).

When Bruno and Max arrived it was hugs and handshakes all around. I was made to feel like one of the crew and it seemed like everyone there knew about “Teri from Nova Scotia.” We had a lovely brunch; well, some of us did. I don’t think any of the Gervais or Talbot family ever sat down or really ate anything as all them were continually jumping up to make sure things were getting done and the guests were enjoying themselves. This went on ALL DAY.

At about noon we had a shotgun start. I golfed with three wonderful ladies from Montreal, Lyse, Lyne and Marlene who went out of their way to make me feel welcome. Lyne was even kind enough to teach me some French. I won’t say what but it came in handy every time I hit my ball into the water or the trees (there are probably still some angry squirrels and birds cursing my name in French). We finished up just as it was starting to thunder and lightening so we made a dash to the clubhouse to put our stuff in our cars and grab our clothes for the evening soiree.

Once showered and dressed in respectable clothes, I made my way back up to the dining room and front lobby where a band was playing and we were given drinks. The silent auction was set up in a room off the dining room and I went in with one goal in mind- to win the bidding on the large, beautifully framed photograph of Max after he scored what was ultimately the Cup winning goal. It wasn’t until after the auction that I found out that no one would bid after I did because people knew my name and knew how badly I wanted that photo. I felt kind of bad because the photo would have brought more money if people had been willing to bid against me. I hadn’t intended to bid on anything else but, in the live auction, the bidding on Sidney Crosby’s signed and framed jersey was not going nearly as high as I felt it should so I jumped in. Yes, I got it. Later I also got Marc-Andre Fleury’s signed jersey.

I also brought along several photos I had of Max and Marc-Andre and they were both kind enough to sign them for me. Marc-Andre sat right behind me at dinner so we had the opportunity to chat a bit. He is a very sweet and intelligent young man but he really needs to put on a few pounds! A gentleman there was kind enough to take a photo of Marc-Andre and I and then the two of us with Max and, I’m here to tell you, Marc-Andre is nothing but ribs! Guess I will need to send more cookies next year! Of course, Max is hardly a heavy-weight!

I spent quite a bit of time visiting with Frank Talbot (the oldest of Serge and Lucie’s boys). Again, you can sure tell when kids have been brought up right….Frank is so very nice and all those Talbots are so intelligent and well-spoken. No wonder Max interviews and writes so well!

After dinner and the auctions we had live music and dancing….even Serge, Lucie and I joined in. Max and Bruno were constantly checking to make sure I was having a good time and seeing if I needed anything. I wish my sons had come because I know they would have loved it. Hopefully next year.

I got back to the hotel about 2am and slept until about 9:30! I never sleep that late. After packing I checked out and then went into the business room and downloaded all my email. Serge and Lucie spotted me in there and came to say goodbye. I now have even more reason to work diligently on learning French so I can speak with all the wonderful people there without making them speak English.

I can’t say enough good things about my experiences in Montreal, St-Hyacinthe or with the Gervais and Talbot families. If you are a golfer (or, like me, a really bad golfer who just likes to have fun) you should come next year. Even if you don’t golf, the brunch, dinner and after-dinner activities are well worth the trip. I had been told that Montreal was not a very friendly place for non-French speaking but that is simply not true. Everywhere I went the people were friendly and went out of their way to make sure I enjoyed myself but none more so than the Gervais and Talbot families and all the people at the outing.

Oh, and I would be remiss in not mentioning, the girls and women there were so beautiful and the men all handsome. I felt like the ugly duckling but hey, we all need a little comic relief.

I took all of these before the outing with my cell phone. I can’t find the *^*(&^^&%&^* cable for my camera but, when I do, I will post the photos from dinner and the auction.