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New Studio

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

I managed to spend about 15 hours in the studio this week. Did a little more organizing and cleaning and got a lot of quilting done on one piece. Thursday I got the design work done for one of my Dream Rocket project quilts and today I got the main pieces cut out after putting fusible on the fabric. I could not find my MistyFuse so resorted to using some old WonderUnder in the small packages. I have no idea how old it is but I haven’t bought WonderUnder in anything other than bolts in years. Of course AFTER I finished fusing I managed to find the MistyFuse when I opened a box that said it was a dog-waterer. D’uh, the dog waterer is at home! But the pieces are pinned to the background and ready to be fused down. Then I just have to quilt and bind the piece. Good thing it’s a 2′ x 2′ piece and not the 4′ x 4′ piece I want to do also. Sunday is my day to stay at home so Monday I will get most of the piece done and start on the 4 x 4 piece. I also took Kaiser to the studio with me today (which is why I was digging out the waterer….he ended up having to drink out of a cup) and he seemed to enjoy the space. I opened up the futon so he could lay on it but he would only do so when I encouraged him. He spent most of the day on one of my small area rugs. All-in-all it was a good day.

So, now I am writing this and getting ready to go back to hand work.

Oh, and that lovely scarf I was working on actually got finished by Christmas (after I had to unknit it 3 times) but I didn’t get it to the giftee until after because he went on a road trip to Florida right after Christmas. I DID get it to him in time for him to have it for a road trip to Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver where I am sure he needed it.

Au revoir for now.