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Snow Dyeing vs Ice Dyeing

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Ok, I know some people are thinking “what the heck is the difference?” Well, following directions posted by someone else (can’t remember who) I did the snow dyeing by soaking fabric in soda ash solution, wringing it out, putting it into containers, packing snow over it and squirting the dye on the snow. I then let the snow melt and washed out the fabric. While I liked it, I ended up with too much white. I suspect this occurred for the same reason you get a lot of white in Shibori when you use wet fabric (wet= more white, dry= more colour). So, I ended up with a lot of fabric that needs either over-dyeing or printing. With the Olympics on, I don’t want to spend the time in the dye studio where I do not have a TV so, I voted for over-dyeing but using ice dyeing. I also am adding some undyed fabric.

Ice dyeing- once again I presoaked the fabric in soda ash solution BUT, then I put the buckets of fabric outside to freeze. I only used two (5 gal.) buckets and am going to use blues in one and greens in the other. Tomorrow, after the fabric is frozen, I will bring the buckets in and pour the dye on. Then I let the buckets sit in the laundry room until they thaw (which will probably take at least all day). Then I wash the fabric the same as before- hot/hot in synthrapol; hot/hot with detergent and then hot/hot with no soap to do a final rinse- this one will include a “hold” so I can check for bleeding. I will keep doing this until there is no bleeding. Two colours I did not use (that I use virtually every time I dye) are fuchsia and turquoise- mainly because I don’t have them here. I left my dyes at my studio in Nova Scotia because I have a better dyeing set-up there. I had ordered a few dyes for Michigan to do deconstructed screen printing with but haven’t had time yet (I’ll get to that after the Olympics and my surgery). Today I ordered a few more to do some more dyeing. I am really in need of a back ground collecting that looks like ice for a couple of pieces I want to do to donate to a friends fundraiser this July so I will try the various blues and grays I have after the Olympics…..

I will post photos of all the fabric I have dyed this week after the weekend.

Back to my Olympic knitting.